Traditional Folk Dancing

Greek dance is a very old tradition, being referred to by ancient authors such as Plato, Aristotle and Plutarch. There are different styles and interpretations from all of the islands and surrounding mainland areas. Each region formed its own choreography and style to fit in with their own ways. For example, island dances have more of a "watery" flow to them, while Pontic dancing closer to Black Sea, is very sharp. There are over 4000 traditional dances that come from all regions of Greece. There are also Pan Hellenic dances, which have been adopted throughout the Greek world. These include the tsamiko, syrtos, and kalamatianos. 

The Greek Affair will be hosting dance troupes from surrounding Greek communities.  Performances are scheduled throughout the weekend.  Come and enjoy the music, traditional costumes and dances of Greece!


                                                    Schedule of Dance Performances:

Friday, September 21


Saturday, September 22


 Sunday, September 23