Shop like an Athenian!


Monastiraki is a flea market neighborhood in the old town of Athens, Greece, and is one of the principal shopping districts in Athens.

Shopping in Athens is a favorite pastime for tourists and Athenians and one of the best places to buy is the Flea Market at Monastiraki!


The Greek Affair is pleased to present their own Monastiraki. Come explore, wander around aimlessly in search of that hidden treasure.†


Every member of the family will find something to love.† Mom will enjoy shopping for jewelry, fashion handbags, and fine collectibles. Dadís treasure hunt may be for antique comic books, tools, or belt buckles. And the kids will delight in books, toys, baseball cards and vintage board games.


All items sold at the Monastiraki are donated to St. Luke by the community.† If you would like more information on making donations, email